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Our Capability

Accuracy and Quality

With 10 units of single phase test bench and 8 units of three phase test bench, we are capable of testing up to an accuracy class of 0.02, a significantly higher accuracy level of our accredited scope accuracy class 0.2S for electromechanical & static type of energy meter.

Our current setup is well-positioned to perform the calibration and testing of up to 2,400,000 units of Single Phase and 200,000 units of Three Phase meters annually.

As our prime commitment is to assure our level best of service to our clients, we had taken a step further to extend our service not only confining in the laboratory but on-site testing to facilitate the requirement of no service disruption whilst maintaining the assurance of the meter metrology performance.

As part of our efforts to maintain the high quality of our services, Jamac Metering goes through various quality assurance processes including inter-lab comparison with others accredited lab, participation in proficiency testing (PT) activities and measurement audit (MA) by the National Metrology Institute of Malaysia (NMIM), a process that guarantees our consistent standards.

Constant monitoring and certification from Standards Malaysia and SIRIM Malaysia and periodic maintenance schedule further ensures that our laboratory and test benches are of a good working condition at all times.

What We Offer


Laboratory Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) Expressed as an Uncertainty ± 0.04%.


Accuracy Test, No Load Test, Starting Test, Dial/Register (Meter Constant) Test.

Site Testing

As part of our continual improvement and added service to our esteemed clients, we are venturing into site testing with readily available site equipment.

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